We are looking for Mentors in Marketing, User Acquisition, Product Development, Operations, Finance, and Legal.

Startup entrepreneur’s life is challenging, and unpredictable. For most startups the road is bumpy, filled with potholes, and many pit stops. Beside you, you need an excellent driver who can make you cross all the hurdles and roadblocks. Here comes in the role of Mentor or an Advisor, who can calmly guide you with his expertise to sail smoothly. A mentor can fill the gaps of your knowledge and make you come over the doubts and challenges. A right mentor can be invaluable to your business’ success as he can provide much needed support in day-to-day business operations and share his views on how to scale-up.

Mentor will open the floodgates for your Startup: The biggest roadblocks that the startups face is a lack of domain experts, service providers and prospective employees. For instance, your business may need a legal advice, an auditor, marketing and development resources and not to mention an investor. The mentor can drill down his network and puts you in touch with the relevant agencies and resources.

Mentor will motivate you and Startup Team: A great mentor will always come to your rescue and will motivate you in tough times. He will share instances and case-studies of the business situations and will advise you on how to handle the challenges. Not only this, when you encounter a setback, he will rejuvenate your startup team with a little humor. All of this mentoring will groom your startup will make you will even learn to laugh at your mistakes. This helps to ease out pressure and improves the working atmosphere tremendously.

Mentor will make you Startup Learn: The mentor will always share his expert insights and recommend you the best-practices. A mentor will validate all your business moves like a checklist. He will coach you on how to develop a great startup culture, departmental processes and work ethically. He has the ability to take your startup develop a roadmap to take it a long way. A mentor will not only teach you, but will help you in keeping your nerves calm during pressure-filled situations. Patience, is the key to success in startups and a great mentor will make you learn how to wait for the right moment to strike the chord. The mentor has a huge role to play in regulating your pulse, curbing your impatience and helping you keep the trust in your startup.

Mentor will raise the bar higher: Startups are very often unsure of a lot of things. With a small team the startups have a lot to focus on, at times this results in jeopardy. A mentor can do a systematic analysis of your tasks and can help you derive the both short-term and long-term goals. He can do a regular health checkup of your programs, campaigns, and processes to meet the expectations of Investors, stakeholders, channel partners, vendors and employees. The mentor will make you, push you to remove the ambiguities and self-doubts you have in mind.

Mentors grill with tough questions: The mentor acts as an inspector who scrutinizes your startup. He asks you the most unsought hard-hitting questions. This exercise is really to get you thinking more about improving your startup operations. Be it idea-validation, legal advice, pitch deck or business planning, he wants you to put the right foot forward. A mentor’s question could lead you to your startup success, so follow his set of rules religiously. He will also pull you back at times to make you see the bigger side of the story. He will make you also give a back off advice you on what is happening in your domain, which may hit your business. For instance, changes in the political system, technology, laws, consumer mindset, etc. could all affect your startup business, thus you need to be constantly upgraded in your planning.

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